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A negation can be given in three different ways in German: nein, nicht and kein, and each of them is used in a particular way.

Nein introduces us a negative answer and makes sense on its own.

Hast du ein Auto? Nein.
¿Do you have a car? No

Nicht is uded to deny a sentence or a part of it (eveything that is not a noun without article or with an indeterminate article).

Das Radio funktioniert nicht.
The radio doesn't work.
Das Buch ist nicht interessant.
The book is not interesting.
Ich habe nicht das Auto.
I don't have the car.
Ich habe nicht zwei Euro.
I don't have two euros.

Kein is used to deny nouns without article or with indeterminate articles (ein). It behaves like ein, therefore it will follow the same declension rules. Besides and as a difference from this, there is a plural form.

Hast du Kinder? Nein, ich habe keine Kinder.
¿Do you have any sons? No, I don't have any.
Möchtest du ein Bier? Nein, ich möchte kein Bier.
¿Would you fancy having a beer? No, I don't fancy having a beer.