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I have created this wiki as a student of the german language. There are many websites related to the german language, but I haven't found any which gathers all the conceps with their explanations in an understandable way. There is something left in each of them or it can't be understood in a clear manner.

People have trouble with many german concepts at first, and with current teaching techniques, teachers focus in explaining a part that fits in the level, but they don't give a broader view (perhaps they don't want to overwhelm the student and disencourage him). As a result when they try to create texts, dialogs or conversations, they are very limited and they can't express what they really think, or they do it in a wrong way and they think it is right. As they upgrade their language level, they are getting that knowledge, but since they don't have a good reference from those lower levels (they were partial explanations), the learning process is slowed down and it requires mucho more effort from the student.

I had my own german notes so far, but as they are getting bigger in size and in complexity, I decided to expose them in a public way in the form of a wiki for my own use and for those who are starting to study and so that they don't have those problems which I had (or at least they are fewer).

This site is thought as a query material, not as a study book.